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Meet the Healer



Nida Talon is known in the Philippines as Sister Nida. She has been in the healing profession since 1976 and has carried with her a good reputation since that time. Together with her mentor during her early years in healing, they founded  Vida de Gracia Spiritual Association. 
The Holy Bible is her primary tool in healing.  She firmly believes that the Word of God is the most powerful healing source that any man can use to heal a sick body, a sick mind, or even a sick spirit.  She uses different healing techniques, which ever is more appropriate for the condition of the patient.  Her approach is holistic and she promotes integrative healing with traditional medicine.
Sister Nida has become an internationally renowned healer.  Her accomplishments has taken her to great heights.  She has been featured on television, newspapers & magazines   both in the Philippines and Eastern Europe. 

Healer Nida with former First Lady of the Philippines

NIda Talon at a Healing Mission & Seminar in the Republic of Latvia

with famous paranormal researcher, Jaime Licauco

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