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Spiritual Healing

What is Spiritual Healing?

Any technique that uses subtle energies for healing.  Such energies are only now starting to be recognised by western medicine. Most eastern medical systems have acknowledged and used such forces for hundreds to thousands of years. "Chi" and "prana" are two of the better known names for these energies. They are related to, and can be directed by, a person's consciousness. Because of this, one can  receive such healing forces either in the presence of, or at a distance from, the healer being worked with.

Typically spiritual healing is used to shift subtle energy patterns that may be obstructing the healthy functioning of life in the ordinary world of mind, heart and body. Healing is usually directed to an individual but it can also be helpfully sent to practically any collection of beings or situations. In general the more specific the target for healing is, the more energy that is available to promote recovery and well-being.

Healing is not counselling! It can be used as an aid but most practitioners do not have access to sufficient power or good merit to literally shift the mental state of a client. The most practical approach for emotional and mental work is to supplement counselling with spiritual healing. The counselling helps slowly shift a person's thoughts and feelings, and the healing shifts energy patterns so that the overall change process is facilitated and quickened in a gentle way.

Divine Healing

All healing is, in some way, divine healing. We can speak of 'natural' processes for healing, but who created nature?  Who set its rules, gave it its direction? God, of course. So when body tissue repairs itself and the immune system works, it is doing what God intended it to do. We can also speak of 'medical' healing. But medicine is rooted in the understanding of how nature works. It gives a boost to the systems for healing that we already have within us, clearing away roadblocks to restoring health, and does some things that nature does not have the ability to do on its own. Medicine itself has no ultimate healing power. All medicine can do at its very best is to delay death's inevitable arrival. Even medicine's ability to delay death is a great gift from God. The Holy Spirit is, according to the Nicene Creed, the Giver of life. The Spirit is also the sustainer of life, the breath which we keep taking in as long as we are alive. Just as the Spirit can heal our souls, the Spirit can work within us to heal our bodies.

Healing is a divine mystery. God does not provide the same things to everyone, nor the same thing all the time to any one person. The gifts are measured according to the Kingdom's standards, not our standards, and are given entirely for God's purposes.

Healing Process

I. Acceptance

Before healing takes place, acceptance is necessary. The acceptance that we talk about is the kind that will make the patient open up to the idea that he could be healed. Unless the idea of recovery is welcome, there is very little chance that the patient could be healed at all.

The mental state of a person must not be going against the thought of the healer who tries to direct the healing light to the patient. It is the openness of the person that begins the process of healing.

To accept one's illness is to accept it as part of himself and that it happened not because of someone's doing but because it is the result of our adapted lifestyle and the product of our psychological activity. Karma is another thing that plays an important factor. We may not be doing anything bad to our bodily system but have more or less have done something, not necessarily in this lifetime, that makes us deserve what we are suffering from at the moment. It is a highly debatable issue that may be rejected by the patient's mind but this must be understood in such a way as to keep the mind open to all kinds of ideas and dogmas.

II. Seek Help

The desire to ask for help is the main drive that will make the patient open up to the idea that he or she has the possibility to get well. The help does not come to a person unless it is sought by the patient himself. For others who are concerned about someone else's health and ask a healer to help the sick member of the family for instance, this is another thing though. There is only partial acceptance in this case.

III. Willingness to Follow Instructions

It must be understood that the healer is not the only source of healing. Rather, a healer is but a channel of energy to affect the astral, physical and psychological state of a patient. We have encountered some hard-headed patients who have liver problems and when we start helping them, soon afterwards the patient starts drinking (alcoholic drink) again. It is not healing that is wanted but the drinking or whatever it is that caused the illness in the first place.

If someone is trying to recover from an illness, then an effort must be exerted to get rid of the sickness. Not being able to do the instructions given to the patient simply rules out the possibility of healing.

IV. Discipline and Patience

Discipline plays a major factor in the process of healing. Without this, there could be no healing at all or that the energy directed by the healer to the patient might not meet it's maximum potential.

The time to wait for full recovery does not happen in minutes or days but we do not rule out the possibility that there could be instant relief. We have experienced this in some cases but we do not guarantee that this happens to everyone we touch. But then we should prevent ourselves from making such promises to the patient because of the disappointment that one may get if healing takes place a bit longer than expected. If one gets the feeling of disappointment or dismay, instead of making a step forward, the reverse happens. It could be more difficult to repair such damage in the mind or thinking of a person.

We know that this is easier said than done but a patient must make an extra effort to realize the effects of healing on the different levels of his body.

V. New Lifestyle

After healing has taken effect, the patient must avoid all things that caused the illness. There must be a positive outlook in life and avoid things that make one sad or angry. Activities must be directed towards the well-being of all individuals who cross out path. One should learn the art of SELFLESSNESS and be able to live a life of good works. One must learn to appreciate all the good and be happy even with the simple things. Redirecting one's thoughts towards others and towards the inner self is the path one should take.


A Step Towards Recovery
There are many misconceptions about healing. Some think it works like magic. This is a big myth! One should never think that after a session with a healer, health can be recovered immediately. Deep understanding is required to be able to appreciate and feel the results of healing. 
Most patients come to the healer asking for miracles. They would pay no matter how much is asked just to bring back the good health. Even the best medical doctor could not promise this despite the fact that thousands of dollars are being spent on medical treatment. Before making an appointment with the healer, this must be understood. You come to the healer for help and the healer helps you in return.
Healing should not be considered as a form of 'treatment'. A treatment can only be given by a medical practitioner. For this reason, we recommend that patients continue to see their doctors for proper medical attention. Healing is something that goes beyond the physical means. It goes down to the root of the problem and bring about balance and harmony in one's whole being.
What we provide is the help to support the body's biological system towards recovery. Healing helps strengthen the body as well as the mental and spiritual state of a person. We cleanse, energize and balance the energy centers. Healing takes place slowly as the body adjusts to its balanced state thereby resulting to recovery. This is proven safe as it does not stress out the body into any form of drastic change that can shock the system.

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